SMSF Administration

Expert handling of your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund is vital to maximise the tax-effective accumulation of financial assets for later in life, but the administrative process is time-consuming and complex.

Super Evolution’s dedicated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund administration service has the knowhow and capabilities to receive, file, reconcile, update and action the often cumbersome paperwork associated with Self-Managed Superannuation Funds in a tailored and timely service which ensures your clients’ have up-to-date information at their fingertips ……

The features and benefits of Super Evolution’s comprehensive Self-Managed Superannuation Fund administration service include:

    1. Super Evolution will receive, manage and file correspondence on the SMSF’s behalf, returning original documents once the end of financial year accounts have been finalised and audited
    2. Super Evolution will forward any investment information which requires a decision – such as share purchase offers, right s issues and shareholder voting forms
    3. Super Evolution’s specialist software accurately administers the fund and maintains real-time records – enabling trustees/clients/financial advisors to accurately review and analyse your portfolio year round (via secure web login)
    4. By administering the fund throughout the year, Super Evolution can access pension payments drawn down, and alert trustees if minimum/maximum payments haven’t been met – to secure tax-free pension income status
    5. Super Evolution will undertake banking on behalf of the SMSF – including dividend or tax refund cheques into the nominated fund bank account
    6. Super Evolution can arrange for fund expenses to be paid by due dates
    7. At the end of the financial year, Super Evolution will prepare annual financial reports with regards to the SMSF and prepare and lodge the fund’s annual income tax return, calculating and advising any tax liability or refund due
    8. Super Evolution will organise an annual audit and obtain an actuarial certificate where required


SMSF Annual Obligation


SMSF Investment Strategy